Traditional Dresses & Ornaments oF Punjab

Punjab is famous for many colored attractive dresses and costumes that are worn at different important occasions. 'Salwar-Kameez' is the most cherished dress of ladies and is worn on all occasions. 'Bagh Fulkari' is a most beautiful wearing of Punjab. It is specially worn at the time of marriage by the bride, Lehanga though become out of fashion but the Giddha performance is considered incomplete if the performers don’t wear 'Lehngas', 'Lehanga-Choli' is a complete lady dress in Punjab. Each and every social group has its own distinct dress. In the country side of Punjab men generally wear 'Chadra-Kurta' and 'Desi-Jutti' and on festive occasions they wear 'Tilleydar- Juttis' and ornamented turbans. Men and women in Punjab wear different types of head Dresses. In ornaments 'Saggiful' is very popular besides 'Shingar-Patti, 'Tikka', 'Kalip' are worn by women on their heads, 'Kantey', 'Chandan haar', ' Pipal Pattian','Rakhri' are Popular ornaments of ladies of Punjab. Men wear 'Kara','Kaintha','Murkian' etc. in the modern era with the changing fashion trends dresses and ornaments have also changed a lot.
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