Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukum Hai

"Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai" is based on the tercentenary celebrations of the Guruta Gaddi Diwas at Takht Sri Huzoor Sahib, Abchal Nagar Nanded in 2008.
Sri Guru Gobind Singh reached Nanded towards the end of September 1708, where the Guru met one Madho Das, a Rajput ascetic who finally became the Guru's disciple and described himself as Banda-a slave.The Guru baptized him by administering 'Amrit' and accepting him in the order of the Khalsa and blessed him as ' Banda Singh Bahadur'. After the departure of Banda Bahadur, the Guru stayed back at Nanded and continued preaching the message at the house of Sri Guru Nanak Dev .One evening two Pathans entered his camp and stayed on even after the conclusion of the prayer meeting. As the Guru was retiring to his bed, one of these Pathans suddenly attacked the Guru with dagger causing grievous injury in his stomach; before the assailant could escape, the Guru struck him down. His accomplice ,lurking around was also seized by the Sikhs and slain.

The wound caused on the body was immediately tended and in a couple of days he resumed the task of addressing the religious assemblies.He appeared to be well on the way to complete recovery and there was great rejoicing amongst the followers. However, after some days, when the Guru announced that he had been summoned to the divine presence, they were shocked and dismayed; there were many who cried and could not be consoled. Addressing them, the Guru Said, "The Khalsa must never lie in fear of death. It is inevitable and must be faced squarely and with grace, as the will of God. We have accomplished our mission by awakening in you the love of God and the will to resist evil". To those who were still finding it difficult to accept the inevitable he said,"Whenever and wherever five of its members, dedicated and pious, shall assemble, they shall feel our presence and whoever will be inclined to seek our guidance, he shall find it in the 'Word' as enshrined in the holy ' Granth' ".

The institution of the personal Guru was thus ended  and now the divine 'Word ' ,enshrined in the holy ' Adi Granth ' by the Gurus themselves,was installed as the Guru in perpetuity.