Japeo Jin Arjan Dev Guru

"Japeo Jin Arjan Dev Guru" is based on the life and the supreme sacrifice of the Fifth Guru. During the pontificates of Sri Guru Amardas and Sri Guru Ramdas, the Sikhs developed themselves on all aspects of life and their reputation engaged attention far and wide and the faith became known as dynamic and enterprising. This phenomenal rise of the Sikhs could not be relished by the fundamentalists of the ruling class and as the liberal ruler Akbar died, his conservative son Jahangir, immediately after his coronation, started looking for an opportunity to check the progress being made by the Sikh faith. The Fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev had to face the wrath of the ruler who wanted to close down the 'Jhooth Ki Dukan' of Guru Arjan. Jahangir mentions in his daily diary named "Tuzk-e-Jahangiri " on page 35, the details of his plans and actions as under:
"In Goindwal ,which is situated on river Beas, there was a Hindu saint of the name of Arjan. He became so famous that he brought to his fold many Hindus and simpleton muslims even. With the manner coated with sanctity, Guru Arjan enticed his followers and they became instrumental in loudly beating his drum of piety and holiness. The foolish people called him Guru or Sacha Patshah and stupid masses gathered around him in worship and day in and day out they were doing his worship and reposing deep faith in him. For the last four generations the Sikh Gurus continued their ' Jhooth Ki Dukan ' quite briskly. Many times it has struck me to close down this vain affair or to bring this new ' ism ' into the fold of Islam.

At last when Khusro paid his visit to the insignificant fellow ( Guru Arjan) the Guru treated him very specially, blessed him and placed Tilak on his forehead. When this came known to me I charged the Guru with intriguing and I ordered that all his assets or properties be confiscated and he should be done to death under the tortures as specified in ' Yasa'. "

There is little doubt that the emperor succeeded in physically liquidating the Guru, but the Mughal's in fact lost the first battle against the Sikhs; the martyrdom of the Guru, prompted the wave of resentment against the Mughal's to became visible everywhere. This gruesome tragedy awakened the meekest of the meek against the oppression and the repression of the ruling class. Ultimately, the tyrannical and intolerant act of Jahangir against Guru Arjan, moved the Mughal empire towards decay and disintegeration. Overtime, further repressive policies of Aurangzeb proved absolutely fatal for the mighty empire to vanish from the world map.
Jhangir on the other hand was happy and was given robes and KHILWATS by the Nakshbandis of the Sirhind and the fundamentalists backed him up with the word of high appreciation. The tradition of martyrdom which was initiated by Sri Guru Arjan Dev four hundred years ago, reached it's climax when Sri Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa to protect the values of justice and righteousness and sacrificed his whole family; father, mother, all the four sons, his beloved Piaras, his numerous Singhs and even himself. The continuous persecution of the Sikh's simply hardened the the spirit of resistance amongst the Sikhs and they smiled away any atrocity falling on them.