Since the birth of civilisation, laughing in daily life in one way an other alway played an important role. In the old time, on specially occasion like the marriage ceremony or the birth of a child or engagement in the family, the comedies were performed by different specialised comedians like on the occasion of a child birth eunuchs (Khusrey) who perform in very humorous manner with their typical stire of dancing and singing which is in their blood from time immemorial. This tradition is still current in this modern era and very much a part of social life of Punjabis. Secondly on the marriage of a son the bride groom party must have in their “Baraat” the specialised performers to entertain all the people present at the occasion which includes jokes / short script and singers for the entertainment of all. They are called (Naklias and Bhaands ) in old times. This tradition is still very much alive with little modern changes like Bhangra Dance Performers / Gidha Dance Performers / Choreographies, Small skits and mimicry. But mainly is the songs sung by different singer are used for collective dancing during the happy occasions. In modern life not only in Punjab but also in the whole world where ever the Punjabis are settled they also follow these traditions and the performers make the occasion more joy-full when the whole congregation start dancing. The basic instinct of human beings is still the same to have a good laugh at different time and on special occasion in different ways even daily by listening to different form of comedy and jokes.
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