The Sikh History Starts from the Birth of First Sikh Guru Guru Nanak Dev ji in 1469. Guru Nanak Dev Ji raise the objections against the Mughal rulers of the time and the higher officials because they was all corrupt, cruel and unjust. All The bureaucracy eurocrats were also corrupt their main aim on that time was corruption and bribery for the purpose of material gain the justice system was failed completely , social fabric was also torn. On that time the Mughal emperor Babur arrived and concord India and established his kingdom. From Babur onward different kings of Mughal empires and the Sikh guru traditions and thereafter continued indulgence in the same animosity. The illustrated examples to define in more details are explained as under . This shall include the entire sikh chronicles beginning with the birth of sri guru Nanak dev ji ,martyrdom of the 5th guru in the hands of Mughal emperor jhangir with cruelty and its impact of that sacrifices by guru Arjan impacted greatly in coming years on the history of Punjab specifically and Hindustan in general. sri guru hargobind's revolt against the Mughal tyranny by wearing two swords representing religion and political power respectively and erecting akal takhat or throne of the almighty in comparison to the perishable worldly throne. life of sri guru Gobind Singh, birth of Khalsa , advent of Banda Bahadur,struggle of sikh missales or clans ,rule of maharaja ranjit Singh ,post ranjit Singh period of British rule ,operation blue star and till the modern period all historical events will be highlighted under this head. The Founder of Sikh Religion Guru Nanak Dev Ji, started to write and collect poetic verses during their four major journeys going from one place to another meeting with different saints and sects. The first long journey was started in (1500-1506 AD) Lasted about 7 years and covered the following towns and regions: Sultanpur, Tulamba (modern Makhdumpur, zila Multan), Panipat, Delhi, Banaras (Varanasi), Nanakmata (zila Nainital, U.P.), Tanda Vanjara (zila Rampur), Kamrup (Assam), Asa Desh (Assam), Saidpur (modern Eminabad, Pakistan), Pasrur (Pakistan), Sialkot (Pakistan). Guru Nanak was of the age of 31-37. Guru Nanak dev ji was also writing their own experiences, social and political issues of the time and raise their voices against the unjust system and writing their own gurbani and also collecting similar thoughts and expressions on the same subject by other prominent Bhagtas and saints of that time. After Guru Nanak dev ji they pass on this collective gurbani to the 2nd guru and 2nd ,3rd 4th and fifth guru also keep on writing their own philosophical, spiritual thoughts on the current,political and social structure including how to attain everlasting spiritual bliss. Guru Arjan dev ji was the writer of the major portion of Gurbani included in Shri Guru Granth Sahib nearly half of it, is writen and compiled by Shri Guru Arjan dev Ji, Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Compiled the first version is of Guru Granth Sahib. This first Version was writen by Baba Budha Ji which is known as first “Beerh” of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and was installed in Sri Harmandar Sahib.
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